Terms for Link Exchange

Reciprocal Link Exchange Guidelines

Please read this page carefully

If you would like to create a link exchange between our sites, show your sincerity by adhering to our guidelines. At this time we only provide reciprocal links to quality sites with information pertaining to the fields of health, education or self improvement. Nothing else will be accepted

How to Link Exchange With Designed Thinking

Place our link on your site with the following information

  • TITLE Designed Thinking
  • Description Holistic Alternative Healing Methods for Mental and Emotional Integration to overcome OCD and Anxiety
  • URL http://www.designedthinking.com

A link exchange is NOT guaranteed. Reciprocation depends on the following criterion. Please take note of our current linking policies:

(1) Your reciprocal link exchange must point to http://www.designedthinking.com. This MUST be in place and fully functioning on your web site before you request the exchange. We ignore requests that ask us to “go first”. Demonstrate your interest and commitment by putting a link on your site before you submit a request asking that we add your site to ours! Don’t worry, if we choose not to accept your link, we will notify you so you have the opportunity to remove the link to our site if you so choose.


(2) The link page on your site must be reasonably “findable” from your home page, and located at the same URL as the one you want listed. If your link page is hosted elsewhere, (a different url from your site) we will not exchange links. If your link page is “hidden” and not easily findable by either visitors or search engines, it defeats the point of link exchanges, and we will not exchange links with your site.


(3)The link back to our site must be index-able by search engines. (No javascript links or cgi? jump links etc.) If our link program cannot find a reciprocal link on your site on routine audits, your link will be removed.

(4) We are selective in the sites we link to and prefer to exchange links with quality sites related to the fields of health (alternative, holistic and traditional), self improvement, education, or any site we believe promotes the betterment of an individual.

Sites promoting prescription medications or sites unsuitable to our audience will NOT be included. This includes Affiliate sites, MLM, adult or X rated sites, 3 way links, one page sales letters or any of sales hype.

Our audience uses the English as its primary language, there for we only link to sites written in English.

Any accepted link exceeding 3 lines of text will be modified to fit our criteria. The link is to get people interested in visiting your site, not for you to have mini write up on another web page. 3 lines of text should be plenty to get people to know if you are what they are looking for

Then E-mail us at info@designedthinking.com. In the subject line, put “link exchange”. Include the address to the page you have listed us on, the title you would like us to use, your site description (maximum two sentences) and your URL.

The decision on any reciprocal link exchange is at the discretion of our webmaster. Once your site has been reviewed, we will contact you and let you know if we have reciprocated the link or decided to pass Please make sure your site has relevant and quality content.

Thank you for your interest

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