Changing Self-Esteem

Changing Self-Esteem – It’s Not Rocket Science

You feel stuck! You are not living the life you want; you don’t feel comfortable being yourself. You’re capabilities aren’t in alignment with how you want to be. Yes that sucks and there’s good news, changing self-esteem is not rocket science. But if you want to change, it will require you to be different from how you currently are and most of us resist being different from what we are familiar with. This makes changing seem scary, especially when what you want to change is your self-esteem. People get stuck in thought patterns that are self defeating, believing that is how they are and have to be. Yet consider this, if your self-esteem is low, are you really being yourself?

You have a huge say in whether you want to change or not. You have a huge influence in how willing you are to accept yourself as being different or whether you try and hold on to what you know. You control whether or not you have an open mind. Most people are fearful of making changes in themself and fears tend to close the mind down. That can make it a bit of a catch-22. Continue reading “Changing Self-Esteem”