The Phobia List of Interesting and Common Fears by Category

The Phobia List of Interesting and Common Fears by Category

The Phobia List – Finding Your Fear

Search the phobia list below by the type of fear (heights, animals, activities, etc) you seek. To look up scientific or medical name attributed to a fear, go to the phobia list by name

Fear of:

Accidents– Dystychiphobia.
Alcohol– Methyphobia or Potophobia.
Alone – being- Autophobia or Monophobia.
Amnesia– Amnesiphobia.
Anger– Angrophobia or Cholerophobia.
Animals– Zoophobia.
Ants– Myrmecophobia.
Anything new– Neophobia.
Asymmetrical things– Asymmetriphobia.
Automobiles– Motorphobia.

Bacteria– Bacteriophobia.
Bald people– Peladophobia.
becoming Bald– Phalacrophobia.
Bathing– Ablutophobia.
Bats– Chiroptophobia.
Beards– Pogonophobia.
Beautiful women– Caligynephobia.
Beds or going to bed– Clinophobia.
Bees– Apiphobia or Melissophobia.
Blindness in a visual field– Scotomaphobia.
Blood- Hemophobia, Hemaphobia or Hematophobia.
Blushing or the color red– Erythrophobia, Erytophobia or Ereuthophobia.
Body odors– Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia..
Bound or tied up– Merinthophobia.
Bowel movements: painful– Defecaloesiophobia.
Brain disease– Meningitophobia.
Bridges or of crossing them– Gephyrophobia.
Bullets– Ballistophobia.
Bums or beggars– Hobophobia.
Burglars, or being harmed by wicked persons– Scelerophobia.
Buried alive – Taphephobia or Taphophobia.

Cancer- Cancerophobia, Carcinophobia.
Car, riding in– Amaxophobia.
Cats– Aclurophobia, Ailurophobia, Elurophobia, Felinophobia, Galeophobia, or Gatophobia..
Cemeteries– Coimetrophobia.
Changes, making; moving– Tropophobia or Metathesiophobia.
Child, bearing a deformed; deformed people– Teratophobia.
Childbirth- Maleusiophobia, Tocophobia, Parturiphobia, or Lockiophobia.
Children– Pedophobia.
Choking or being smothered– Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia.
Choking– Anginophobia.
Church– Ecclesiophobia.
Clowns– Coulrophobia.
Coitus– Coitophobia.
Cold or cold things- Frigophobia.
Computers or working on computers– Cyberphobia.
Confined spaces– Claustrophobia.
Constipation– Coprastasophobia.
Contamination, dirt or infection– Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia.
Contamination with dirt or germs– Misophobia or Mysophobia.
Cooking– Mageirocophobia.
Corpses– Necrophobia.
Creepy, crawly things– Herpetophobia.
Criticism– Enissophobia.
Crosses or the crucifix– Staurophobia.
Crossing streets– Agyrophobia or Dromophobia.
Crowded public places like markets– Agoraphobia.
Crowds or mobs– Enochlophobia, Demophobia or Ochlophobia.

Dampness, moisture or liquids– Hygrophobia.
Dancing– Chorophobia.
Dark or night- Nyctophobia.
Daylight or sunshine– Phengophobia.
Death or dying– Thanatophobia.
Death or dead things– Necrophobia.
Decaying matter– Seplophobia.
Decisions: making decisions– Decidophobia.
Defeat– Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Deformed people or bearing a deformed child– Teratophobia.
Deformity or unattractive body image- Dysmorphophobia.
Demons– Demonophobia or Daemonophobia.
Dental surgery– Odontophobia.
Dentists– Dentophobia.
Dependence on others– Soteriophobia.
Dirt, contamination or infection– Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia.
Dirty, being dirty or personal filth- Automysophobia.
Disease– Nosophobia, Nosemaphobia or Pathophobia.
Disease and suffering– Panthophobia..
Disorder or untidiness– Ataxophobia.
Dizziness or vertigo when looking down– Illyngophobia.
Dizziness – Dinophobia.
Doctor, going to – Iatrophobia.
Dogs or rabies– Cynophobia.
Dolls- Pediophobia..
Dreams, wet– Oneirogmophobia.
Dreams– Oneirophobia.
Drinking– Dipsophobia.
Drugs or taking medicine– Pharmacophobia.
Dust– Amathophobia.
Duty or responsibility, neglecting– Paralipophobia.

Eating or swallowing- Phagophobia.
Eating- being eaten- Phagophobia.
Electricity– Electrophobia.
Erect penis– Medorthophobia.
Erection, losing an– Medomalacuphobia.
Everything– Panophobia, Panphobia, Pamphobia, or Pantophobia.
Failure- Atychiphobia or Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Fainting– Asthenophobia.
Fatigue– Kopophobia.
Fecal matter, feces– Coprophobia or Scatophobia.
Female genitals– Kolpophobia.
Female genitalia– Eurotophobia.
Fever– Febriphobia, Fibriphobia, Fidriophobia or Pyrexiophobia.
Filth or dirt– Rhypophobia.
Fire– Arsonphobia or Pyrophobia.
Firearms– Hoplophobia.
Fish– Ichthyophobia.
Flying– Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia.
Food– Cibophobia.
Foreigners or strangers– Xenophobia.
Forests, dark wooded area, of at night– Nyctohylophobia
Forgetting or being forgotten– Athazagoraphobia.
Friday the 13th– Paraskavedekatriaphobia.
Frogs– Batrachophobia.
Frost, ice or extreme cold– Cryophobia.

Future– Chronophobia
Genitals, particularly female– Kolpophobia.
Germs or dirt, being contaminated with– Misophobia or mysophobia.
Ghosts -Spectrophobia,. Phasmophobia.
Girls, young or virgins– Parthenophobia..
God or gods– Zeusophobia.
Good news, hearing good news- Euphobia.
Gravity– Barophobia.

Hair– Chaetophobia, Trichopathophobia, Trichophobia, or Hypertrichophobia.
Halloween– Samhainophobia.
Handwriting– Graphophobia.
Harmed by bad or wicked person– Scelerophobia.
Heaven– Ouranophobia or Uranophobia.
Heights– Acrophobia, Altophobia, Batophobia, Hypsiphobia or Hyposophobia.
Hell– Hadephobia, Stygiophobia or Stigiophobia.
Heredity– Patroiophobia.
Hoarding– Disposophobia.
Holy things– Hagiophobia.
Home– Ecophobia.
Homosexuality or of becoming homosexual– Homophobia.
Hospitals– Nosocomephobia.
Hurricanes and tornadoes– Lilapsophobia.
Hypnotized, being or of sleep– Hypnophobia.

Ice or frost– Pagophobia.
Ideas– Ideophobia.
Ignored, being– Athazagoraphobia.
Imperfection– Atelophobia.
Inability to stand– Basiphobia or Basophobia.
Infection, contamination or dirt– Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia.
Injections– Trypanophobia.
Injury– Traumatophobia..
Insanity– Dementophobia or Maniaphobia.
Insects– Acarophobia or Entomophobia or Insectophobia..
Itching– Acarophobia.

Jealousy– Zelophobia..
Jumping from high and low places– Catapedaphobia.
Justice– Dikephobia.
Kissing– Philemaphobia or Philematophobia.
Knowledge– Gnosiophobia or Epistemophobia.

Lakes– Limnophobia.
Large things– Megalophobia.
Laughter– Geliophobia.
Lawsuits– Liticaphobia.
Learning– Sophophobia.
Leprosy– Leprophobia or Lepraphobia.
Lice– Pediculophobia or Phthiriophobia.
Light– Photophobia.
Lightning and thunder– Brontophobia or Karaunophobia.
Locked in an enclosed place– Cleithrophobia, Cleisiophobia, or Clithrophobia.
Lockjaw or tetanus– Tetanophobia.
Loneliness or of being oneself– Eremophobia or Eremiphobia..
Loud noises- Ligyrophobia.

Loved (being) –¬†Philophobia
Love, sexual love– Erotophobia.
Love play– Malaxophobia or Sarmassophobia.

Machines– Mechanophobia.
Mad, becoming– Lyssophobia.
Marriage– Gamophobia.
Meat– Carnophobia.
Medicine, taking; or drugs– Pharmacophobia.
Memories– Mnemophobia..
Men– Androphobia or Arrhenphobia or Hominophobia.
Menstruation– Menophobia.
Mice– Musophobia, Murophobia or Suriphobia.
Microbes– Bacillophobia or Microbiophobia.
Mind– Psychophobia.
Mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror– Eisoptrophobia.
Mirrors– Catoptrophobia.
Mobs or crowds– Demophobia, Enochlophobia or Ochlophobia.
Money– Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia.
Mother-in-law– Pentheraphobia.
Moths– Mottephobia.
Motion or movement– Kinetophobia or Kinesophobia.
Moving or making changes– Tropophobia.

Names- Nomatophobia.
Narrow things or places– Stenophobia.
Needles– Aichmophobia or Belonephobia.
Night or darkness– Nyctophobia,.Noctiphobia.
Noise– Acousticophobia.
Nudity– Gymnophobia or Nudophobia.
Numbers– Arithmophobia or Numerophobia.

Odor, that one has a vile odor– Autodysomophobia.
Odors or smells– Olfactophobia.
Old people– Gerontophobia.
Old, growing– Gerascophobia or Gerontophobia.
Open spaces– Agoraphobia.
Operation, surgical– Tomophobia.
Opinions– Allodoxaphobia.
Opinions, expressing– Doxophobia.

Pain– Algiophobia, Ponophobia, Odynophobia or Odynephobia.
Parasites– Parasitophobia.
Penis, erect– Medorthophobia.
Penis, erect: seeing, thinking about or having– Ithyphallophobia.
Penis, losing an erection– Medomalacuphobia.
People– Anthropophobia.
People in general or society– Sociophobia.
People, deformed or bearing a deformed child– Teratophobia.
Pins and needles– Belonephobia.
Pins– Enetophobia.
Plants– Botanophobia.
Pleasure, feeling– Hedonophobia.
Pointed objects– Aichmophobia.
Poison- Iophobia.
Poisoned, being– Toxiphobia, Toxophobia, or Toxicophobia.
Poverty– Peniaphobia.
Praise, receiving– doxophobia..
Prescribing medicine for patients by a doctor– Opiophobia.
Priests or sacred things– Hierophobia.
Progress– Prosophobia.
Prostitutes or venereal disease– Cypridophobia, Cypriphobia, Cyprianophobia,
Punishment – Mastigophobia, Poinephobiaphobia 2

Rabies– Cynophobia, Hydrophobophobia, Hydrophobia, Kynophobia, or Lyssophobia.
Radiation or x-rays– Radiophobia.
Rain– Ombrophobia or Pluviophobia.
Rape– Virginitiphobia.
Razors– Xyrophobia.
Rat, great mole– Zemmiphobia.
Rectum or rectal diseases– Proctophobia or Rectophobia.
Relatives– Syngenesophobia.
Religion – Theophobia.
Reptiles– Herpetophobia..
Responsibility– Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia.
Ridiculed, being– Catagelophobia or Katagelophobia.
Riding in a car- Amaxophobia..
Rivers– Potamphobia or Potamophobia.
Road travel or travel– Hodophobia.
Robbers or being robbed– Harpaxophobia.

Sacred things or priests– Hierophobia.
Satan– Satanophobia.
Scabies– Scabiophobia.
School, going to school– Didaskaleinophobia,. Scolionophobia.
Scientific terminology, complex– Hellenologophobia.
Scratches or being scratched– Amychophobia.
Self, seeing oneself in a mirror– Eisoptrophobia.
Self, personal odor– Bromidrosiphobia or Bromidrophobia.
Self, being alone– Autophobia, Eremophobia, Eremiphobia or Isolophobia.
Self, being dirty– Automysophobia.
Self, being oneself– Autophobia.
Self, being seen or looked at– Scopophobia or Scoptophobia.
Self, being touched– Aphenphosmphobia.
Self, that one has a vile odor– Autodysomophobia.
Semen– Spermatophobia or Spermophobia.
Sermons– Homilophobia.
Sex– Genophobia.
Sex, opposite– Heterophobia or Sexophobia.
Sexual abuse– Agraphobia or Contreltophobia.
Sexual intercourse– Coitophobia.
Sexual love or sexual questions– Erotophobia.
Sexual perversion– Paraphobia.
Shadows– Sciophobia or Sciaphobia.
Sharks– Selachophobia.
Shellfish– Ostraconophobia.
Sin or of having committted an unpardonable sin– Enosiophobia or Enissophobia.
Sin– Hamartophobia.
Single: staying single– Anuptaphobia.
Sinning– Peccatophobia..
Sitting– Cathisophobia or Thaasophobia.
Skin disease– Dermatosiophobia.
Skin lesions– Dermatophobia.
Sleep or being hypnotized- Hypnophobia.
Slime– Blennophobia or Myxophobia.
Slopes, steep– Bathmophobia.
Small things– Microphobia, Mycrophobia.
Smells or odors– Olfactophobia.
Smothered, being or choking– Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia.
Snakes– Ophidiophobia or Snakephobia.
Snow– Chionophobia.
Social (fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations)- Social Phobia.
Society or people in general– Anthropophobia or Sociophobia.
Solitude– Monophobia.
Sounds– Acousticophobia.
Speaking– Laliophobia or Lalophobia.
Speaking aloud, voices or noises, or telephones– Phonophobia.
Speaking in public– Glossophobia.
Spiders– Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia.
Stage fright– Topophobia.
Stairways– Bathmophobia.
Stared at, being– Ophthalmophobia.
Statements, false or myths or stories– Mythophobia.
Staying single– Anuptaphobia.
Stealing– Cleptophobia or Kleptophobia.
Strangers or foreigners- Xenophobia..
Streets– Agyrophobia.
Storm, thunder– Brontophobia.
Stuttering– Psellismophobia.
Suffering and disease– Panthophobia.
Sun or sunlight– Heliophobia.
Surgical operations– Tomophobia.
Swallowing or eating– Phagophobia.
Syphillis – Luiphobia or Syphilophobia.

Tapeworms– Taeniophobia.
Taste– Geumaphobia or Geumophobia.
Technology– Technophobia.
Teenagers– Ephebiphobia.
Teeth– Odontophobia.
Telephones– Telephonophobia.
Termites– Isopterophobia.
Tests, taking– Testophobia.
Tetanus or lockjaw– Tetanophobia.
Thinking– Phronemophobia.
Thunder– Ceraunophobia.
Thunder and lightning– Astraphobia, Astrapophobia, Brontophobia or Keraunophobia.
Tickled by feathers or feathers– Pteronophobia.
Tied or bound up– Merinthophobia.
Time or clocks– Chronophobia.
Touched, being touched– Aphenphosmphobia, Haphephobia or Haptephobia or

Ugliness– Cacophobia.
Undressing in front of someone– Dishabillophobia.
Urine or urinating– Urophobia.

Vaccination– Vaccinophobia.
Vegetables– Lachanophobia.
Venereal disease or prostitutes– Cypridophobia, Cypriphobia, Cyprianophobia, or
Virginity, losing one’s– Primeisodophobia.
Virgins or young girls– Parthenophobia.
Vision: double vision– Diplophobia.
Voices or noises, speaking aloud or telephones– Phonophobia.
Vomiting– Emetophobia.

Waits, long– Macrophobia.
Walking– Ambulophobia, Basistasiphobia or Basostasophobia.
Washing– Ablutophobia.
Wasps– Spheksophobia.
Water- Hydrophobia.
Wealth– Plutophobia.
Weapons, nuclear– Nucleomituphobia.
Weight, gaining– Obesophobia or Pocrescophobia.
Wet dreams– Oneirogmophobia.
Wine– Oenophobia.
Witches and Witchcraft- Wiccaphobia.
Women– Gynephobia or Gynophobia.
Women, beautiful– Caligynephobia or Venstraphobia.
Wooden objects or forests– Xylophobia.
Words– Logophobia or Verbophobia.
Words, long– Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia or Sesquipedalophobia.
Work– Ergophobia or Ponophobia.
Worms– Scoleciphobia.
Worms, being infested with– Helminthophobia.
Wrinkles, getting– Rhytiphobia.

Wrists – Carpophobia
Writing– Graphophobia.

This phobia list is not complete, just a list of common and interesting fears people develop.  Visit the alphabetically ordered phobia list by medical names here


  1. DrPangloss

    Pinophytophobia: fear of conifers. I.e. Pine Cones are a conifer

  2. That the Fear of rainbows is called Iridophobia

  3. Paxton Bailey

    Add imparnumeraphobia: the fear of odd numbers


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