Success Stories

Success Stories

Client Testimonials – Successfully Overcoming Anxieties and Obsessions

We leave up to our clients whether or not they desire to write success stories after our work is completed. All success stories below are written by former Designed Thinking clients.

“I wanted to write and thank you for all the work you’ve done this past year. I have a really difficult time remembering what some of my problems were! I really have moved into a quality of life that I always knew was possible but couldn’t seem to make happen. After 10 years on antidepressants and anti anxiety medications of every type, I am now free from all of them and feeling GREAT!” Jason Little -Colorado

“My name is Mark and I am a middle-aged man who has been struggling with anxiety issues since my late teens. Most of my life I have enjoyed good health, but there have been several times where I suffered significant personal and professional setbacks due to anxiety issues that made it very difficult for me to function in my career and personal relationships.

A few years ago, I was struggling with my marriage and career which unfortunately caused my anxiety issues to recur. I had tried to get help from other professionals in the past, but did not get results. My anxiety was so bad I actually developed a severe case of OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I went to some local therapists, but did not receive help until I found Designed Thinking. I called and finally, after decades of struggling with anxiety started to get answers. Over the course of time was helped to change the way I think and let go of past traumas. It was not always easy, but my issues were resolved. My career and marriage are now thriving and I no longer am fearful of stress or anxiety since I now know how to process life events in much more productive ways. Stressful situations that used to consume me for weeks are items I am now able to resolve in a day or two.

I know what it is like to be suffering for a long period of time and how hard it is to get good help and support when in that situation. Very few professionals seem to understand how to help someone struggling with anxiety issues. Most of the people I have gone to for help I would never go to again. However, I would gladly return to Designed Thinking if I were in need of assistance. I recommend them to anyone else who is struggling with OCD, anxiety or other life issues.

I feel as though I had cancer that was treated but not cured until I found the cure in these sessions. I just can not recommend Designed Thinking highly enough. I have regained my life and happiness and not only improved my life, but the lives of those around me. If you need serious help with an anxiety disorder or some wisdom to sort out a tough situation I can not imagine finding anyone more helpful. That is another point I should make, you solve your problems, not manage them. You don’t have to suffer needlessly anymore. There is help. If you are suffering please give this a try. I did and it made all the difference in the world.

Thanks for all you do and I hope this testimonial encourages others to get the help I did so they can start enjoying life again! Sincerely, Mark – a very satisfied customer.:-)”


Michael is truly an angel placed here on earth to help people find their way. I worked with Michael for a couple of years. I came from a place where I was not trusting of anyone and he made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call. He provided a safe place for me to open up and help me process all events from my past and allow me to grow into my full potential self.  He not only allowed me to process events on my term but provided tools to help me find my way. He is truly gifted individual and most importantly cares about his clients. He gave me back the most important thing in life, which is freedom.  Yours truly, Mary.


When I first contacted Designed Thinking I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I was overwhelmed and found it difficult to live each day. I believe, it was the way that I was thinking. The problem was when I tried to change my thoughts on my own, I kept ending up back in the same place. Trying to do it by myself and failing would only feed my depression, anxiety and cause self-doubt. I now believe it is crucial, if you want to change your thoughts to have help.

The process was so worth every second and every penny, and the phone consultations are so convenient. I can now say that I feel healthy and happy and excited about life again. Its great!

Michael Arndt is exceptional. He has a gift, a rare talent. He is knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy. The best! Ellie – San Diego

“I have worked with so many therapists over the years. How i wish I could have found you way back when. Your insights and what I can only call as “magic” in getting me to open up and let go of obsessions and loss have been a God send. Thank you so much.’ Libby O – Alberta

You are incredible at what you do and I have not only learned a lot about myself in this process but have a whole new outlook on my ability to interact with people. I’m so amazed at your skill level and the techniques you use. Thank you so much. Nancy C.- Detroit


“I hope that everything is going well for you. I am doing so much better than I was when I first met you. The OCD is not a huge issue in my life anymore. I still reflect on a lot of things that I had learned from you. You helped me to get through the hardest part of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without back then. My mother always says that God puts people along your path when you need them. You have made a difference in my life and that I gained so much.” M Walker – PA

Thank you for sticking with me and not giving up on me. I know I was not easy to work with and my obsessions made me difficult to work with. It feels so good to finally have extended periods of silence in my head. Jason T, NY

“As you know, I have battled “obsessive thoughts” for the better part of 20 years. Medical doctors told me that the only proven treatment would be a drug solution (with varying side effects). I was also told that this “thing” (OCD) was something I would simply have to live with to a various degree. I am happy to report that you proved them WRONG! Your treatments were of tremendous help and I now enjoy a greater quality of life while staying drug free. And by the way, in addition to the fantastic results regarding OCD, I would like you to know that you have increased my mental self awareness in such a way that I firmly believe I can conquer just about anything these days (whether it be inside my head or not). I can tell you that “I am excited about life again” as well as my future” JF – New Jersey


This time last year I was at a point where I couldn’t help myself. I wonder today where I would be now if I hadn’t begun talking to you and been guided to the place I am now, where I am so grateful for the help you have given.” Julie Pouliot, former OCD sufferer

A FOLLOW-UP TESTIMONIAL FROM JULIE – “I’ve been meaning to write you for a long time now…I was a client of yours two years ago and I struggled with obsessive thinking and I wanted to tell you how my life is so different now and so much more real to me and how I have shed off the problems, and the symptoms from them, that you helped me with.

I don’t really know how to explain it, but I think you know exactly what I mean and basically what’s taken place inside me: I allow myself to really feel my feelings now and no longer push them into my head. And this is such a good thing — both the negative and the positive!…the whole range.

All the tools you gave me gradually helped me to be completely free of those “challenges” …the word “obsessions” really has ceased to be a part of my vocabulary. Your techniques encouraged me as you said they would likely happen if I wanted it badly enough — that over time I would start putting together more concretely (or maybe more abstractly) what I had gotten myself into, and who it is that I really am, and living my potential. 🙂

I learned so much and I want you to know that you helped me gain back my life over the year that we spoke over the phone every two weeks. I’m excited about living now and I’ve come to know what that feeling is that you talked about…of security…that I can access literally any time…like a solid metal pole that runs through your core and to the ground — a very warm and familiar feeling. Julie Pouliot, former OCD sufferer


“To have choice. What a liberating surprise. Having suffered with the extreme torment of my O.C.D. for years Designed Thinking has helped me move through and beyond the barriers and deception of how our own thoughts keep us so imprisoned. It’s an enlightening, positive step out of a life you might think your bound to. Michael Arndt is exceptional in his skill. I recommend it wholeheartedly.” B.L. Ontario, Canada


“I was an anxiety sufferer for about ten years and I use the term “was” because I no longer live with the pain of panic attacks, obsessive thoughts or the daily angst of constant worry. I have been through many styles of healing since the age of fifteen. Some of them helped temporarily but none of them fully alleviated my anxiety until I discovered Designed Thinking. You see Designed Thinking had a different element that all of the other methods I had tried did not. Designed Thinking to me was a proactive way of understanding my anxiety and the underlying reasons for it and then MOVING ON!! Instead of some of the other approaches I attempted that merely band aided the symptoms or over talked the problems this time I truly face my issues head on, developed tools to assist myself in stressful times and now I enjoy my life to the fullest. I still have stresses in life but now I deal with the stress and not my anxiety! I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to let go of there anxiety and start living a fuller life.” PZ – FL

“Thank you so much for helping me get past my challenge. As long as I can remember, I have not been able to drive across bridges without going into a severe anxiety attack. It is amazing how quickly you helped me get past that. It has been 11 months now and I have a hard time even remembering what it use to be like……….Also I would like to thank you for helping me overcome my fear of lawyers. I don’t think that I could have made it on to the witness stand without your help. I don’t remember what you did, but it worked.” E Van Joseph – HI


“How are ya, I’m doing very well and OCD has been very good, thank God, and to you for all your fabulous help”. L. Delagrange – OH


“I am writing to let you know how much your skillful use of verbal and visual techniques has improved my level of confidence. You have given me the tools I desired to place me in a state of excellence any time I choose to be there. I am clear on accepting my responsibility for my feelings and state of mind through the use of …….. Thank you for your vision, your gentleness and your expertise. The results have been amazing. Many Blessings” Dianne Mc Cown – CA


“What can I say. I had been to one therapist or counselor after another. I thought I was going crazy and I was convinced that I was going to have anxiety for the rest of my life. Now I can face my husband again and I feel that my life is back in my control. Thank you for giving me my life back” Carla E – NY


“For 3 months, I came home every night and physically got sick for about an hour thinking about how much I hated my job and how I felt I was being treated…… After my fourth session, it completely stopped. I can’t tell you how good this feels to have my health back.” Jennette ONeal – CA


“For over the past two years I had fallen into obsessing on certain thoughts that would stay with me for days at a time. It was terrible, I just couldn’t stop thinking about them…… now it is like they were never there. If I do get a thought, they never last more than a couple of minutes. Its like I just don’t think about them anymore. Thank you so much for your help” Eve – FL


“I must say that you were the first person I worked with where I was really comfortable in doing sessions with and who seemed to really care about my problems. After too many years of avoiding people, I feel comfortable again going in to social situations. I may not be the life of the party, but I can enjoy myself and that is plenty. Thanks” TC – CA


“I don’t think many will understand what it is like to feel you have to do something when every bit of intelligence you possess tells you this makes no sense, year after year. It is so wonderful to feel free from this idiocy. Once in a while I still wonder if it could come back, but as each day passes I am more confident this is finally gone.” Jon Coster -WI


“For my entire adult life, I have been attracted women who were not capable of giving me the kind of relationship I could feel good about. I could not get excited about women who were the girl next door type, no matter how pretty they were. My confidence with women was suffering……… I wanted to write you and tell you that 2 months after our last session, I finally found someone who seems to be my perfect match in every way and I that I find stimulating. Thanks so much” Scott B- GA


“I had tried NLP in the past and hypnosis and had some changes occur, but my OCD continued. Then I tried your program. Finally I have this OCD thing under control. You have helped me in so many way and let me see how I could redesigned my thinking just as you said you could” Lisa-NJ


“I have always wanted to sustain a discipline of running 4-5 miles per day, I knew the benefit, just would not do it. I never ran more than 2.5 miles and only once in awhile. Since my first session with Michael, I have been running at least 4 miles a day. Working with Michael gave me access to my own vitality as I never experienced it before.” Jonathan Van Praag-CA

“What a difference in working with someone who really understands the issues at hand. Thank you for your help, really. For almost 10 years my obsessions controlled every aspect of my life. I really didn’t think things were ever going to get better. Today I’m down to the smallest dosage of medication and I know it will just be a matter of time where this will no longer be needed either” – Tama Jentsen -ON


I suffered from OCD for a long time. Years ago there was no name for it. I just thought I was strange. Tried just about everything. Hated the medication, it just never worked well for me. After a while you start to give up hope things will ever change, that I’ll ever fit in or be normal, that these stupid thoughts would go away. The change process wasn’t easy and it took a while. There were times I wanted to give up. Michael didn’t let my needs to do things my way take over and that was a hard lesson to learn. He was the first person who seemed knowledgeable about how obsessions really worked, why people get stuck in their thoughts.  Now I can actually say my thoughts are clear. If I get an obsessive thought (which isn’t often) I know how to dispose of it,  Thank you, thank you, thank you – John MN

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