Agoraphobia – Stopping Fear

Agoraphobia – Stopping Fear

Opening Up to a World Outside

Agoraphobia is literally defined as “fear of open spaces” or “fear of marketplace.” Yet those suffering from Agoraphobia can experience a wide range of fears.

Some Agoraphobics remain housebound or within the parameters of their property line. Others can’t bring themselves to go beyond certain streets, buildings or geographical locations.

There are those with Agoraphobia who can travel to certain locations while needing to avoid others. They can travel a 20 miles radius comfortably in every direction, except one, where they can only go a few blocks. Not only has their mind has created arbitrary boundaries, these boundaries can change over time. For most. their world keeps shrinking.

These fears aren’t logical. Most phobias aren’t. It is one of the reasons many avoid seeking help. They feel if they don’t understand it, no one else will either.

Agoraphobia is not a disease. It is a changeable condition

It’s hard to feel good when ones comfort zone keeps shrinking, when choices are being stripped away.

When irrational fears kick in, it’s hard to see options. Finding solutions becomes an uphill battle. 

Yet there is always hope, because Agoraphobia is not a disease. It is a changeable condition

Can Agoraphobia be treated without medication?

Absolutely. No one needs medication to create Agoraphobia and most will need no medication to overcome their irrational fears. Effective therapy creates an atmosphere where changes can be made

Designed Thinking assists their clients to get past fears in a relatively short time frame. For those suffering from Agoraphobia, many have been helped in as little as 12 sessions.

For more information or help on overcoming Agoraphobia, feel free to call Designed Thinking at 866-718-9995.

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